Never loose important data again with automatic email backups in the cloud.

Backup Email on the cloudBackup Email on the cloud

Just enter your email id and password and we will automatically backup your email account. Users can backup multiple email accounts using IMAP and POP. Just backup your email once and we shall keep backing it regularly.


Restore or migrate emailsRestore or migrate emails

With the Migrate and restore feature, you can recreate your Inbox with a single click to your same or a new email account. Apart from your inbox, we restore all your email folders and labels as well from your email backup.

Share attachments and filesShare attachments and files

You can backup both your emails and files with Dropmyemail. View your email attachments in a single folder and filter it by file type. Upload new files for backup and share them with your friends and social network.

Simple and Secure Backups

Simple and Secure Backups

Dropmyemail’s simple user interface allows both techies and non-techies to easily backup their emails. Your emails are fetched using TLS/SSL when available and encrypted and stored securely using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).

Pre-loaded Email Settings

Hundreds of Pre-loaded Email Settings

Want to backup your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol, QQ, Sina or other commonly used email accounts? Just enter your email id and password and we shall auto-detect your email configurations. For others, just provide the Mail server name and protocol.

View Emails Anytime Anywhere

View Backup Emails Anytime Anywhere

Just login to your Dropmyemail account and view all the backed up emails via our web interface. View previews of attachments or download them when needed. Search through emails and attachments using our mail search.

Dropmyemail offers an attractive multi level commission structure.


Just Cloud Online Storage

Once upon a time we stored all of our computer files on the computer we created them on, now in an increasingly mobile world, it is more common to store files “in the cloud” so that we have access to them from wherever we may be and on whatever device we may have.   Just Cloud.com offers a great affiliate programme with payouts of $120 / sale or even higher.