Giant Cinema

Giant Cinema is about freedom. The freedom to express your talent to the world without limitation. It’s about giving the viewer choice while giving the filmmaker the ability to unleash their potential.

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Free to join, and Free to watch TV!

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Who doesn’t watch movies and television? And with Aunt Edna’s addiction to reality TV, I’m in business!

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After we go live later this year of 2013, you will receive 10% commission on all commercial revenue that runs on the media devices of the accounts you sign up! Your income will accumulate in your back office, and you will be able to transfer it at your convenience to your bank account, to various popular pay systems like PayPal, or even mailed to you by check!

No Product to sell. No customer service to worry about. No shipping and receiving.
Just people watching TV. It’s just that simple. Watch TV and make money!

Soon you will develop into a mature couch potato at Giant Cinema with a very high level of enlightened couch potatoism. When you’re parents ask, “So what do you want to do for a living?” … you can respond, “I’m planning on becoming a seasoned executive couch potato with Giant Cinema, and it helps pay my bills.”
Now, what can you say to that Mom and Dad?

Giant Cinema