Getting Started

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Firstly you need a website, so if you haven’t already got a site we recommend where you can get 2 free websites.

Once you have signed up for your free account, you are ready to go.  Spend the first week of your subscription doing the training courses, reading as much of the material available as you can and using the awesome support network to come to grips with setting up your own website.   (After the first week you then need to consider whether you will carry on with the free site or take out a premium membership which entitles you to a whole lot of ongoing support, although if you are savvy enough you could still get by on a free subscription).

Getting Your Site Underway.

In the first instance, I would recommend that you promote the Wealthy Affiliate Website, as this is the site you are using and potentially a really good source of commissions.  They have some great advertising resources you can use by clicking on the My Stats button in the Affiliate Program area.   A mix of text explanation about Wealthy Affiliate along with advertising banners will give you a better chance of convincing people to click on your links and subsequently turn into revenue generating units.   This would probably make a good introductory page to the power of affiliate marketing, sort of like this page.

affiliate marketing on blackboard

The next step is to investigate and decide on suitable additional affiliate marketing programmes you want to be a part of.   This will take a little time and will involve plenty of Google searches as you research the best affiliate networks for products and suppliers who fit with your website niche.  Your goal is to be offering a site where people will come to be informed about a particular niche and hopefully trust your recommendations enough to click on the product links you have loaded on your site.   Now you are probably thinking, “but where am I going to buy all the stuff to sell ? and more to the point how will I pay for it all ?”.  Well never fear this is the beauty of an Affiliate Marketing Program.   You don’t need to buy anything, you find suppliers (merchants) on the internet who have affiliate programmes and then sign up to their programme.   You can then create an online store featuring whatever goods you want from within their stores and when a visitor to your site clicks on an object they are interested in they will be taken to the merchants website, where, if they want to buy the item they will pay for it and the merchant will ship it out.   You will be credited a commission and depending on the merchant’s commission payment rules you will be forwarded all commissions generated by you during each period (some merchants don’t pay out till you have earned $50 to save on bank fees, etc). is a great example of affiliate marketing, where numerous sites feature books sold through Amazon, they just promote the books and receive a commission if someone buys the book after visiting their site.   You will be surprised at the shear volume of online retailers who have affiliate programmes and the best way to find them is to do a Google Search on the terms Affiliate Program + [Your niche], eg if your niche is cricket search for Affiliate Program + Cricket.  Once you have found a few it is a case of working them into your website, some will be just banner ads, some will have enormous functionality like Amazon so the sky is the limit when it comes to how you promote your affiliate partners.

It can be a real headache sifting through the millions of affiliate programmes out there and knowing which ones are good and which you can trust, so we have done the leg work for you and have searched the internet for the best affiliate marketing networks we can find, based on;

  • brand awareness
  • potential market size
  • trust factor of the merchant
  • ease of payout (i.e. regular with low minimum payment thresholds, and low transaction fees)
  • potential conversion factor

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